Sunday, October 31

happy Hallowe'en

Hope you had plenty of choices for your jack-o-lantern.
Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Saturday, October 30

itchy, Itchy

Are her blue speculum feathers spectacular or what? Delphinium on a duck.

Friday, October 29

oh, what a windy web we Weave

What in the world was this arachnid thinking, building its web on a weathervane on the top of a gazebo on a windy lake shore?

Thursday, October 28

bad bird Picture

is it really a bad bird picture or artful composition?

Wednesday, October 27

before the Raking

 like a dish of candy
sweet to the eye
the job complete
 maple sugar in storage 
till sap rises in the spring

Tuesday, October 26

the monarch Ranch

Just waiting for the next slight breeze, the milkweed seeds are off on their mission of flight to places unknown. My folks nurture all sorts of wildflowers for butterflies and hummingbirds at our camp on the western shore of Lake Champlain. These milkweed plants hosted the winged ones and their caterpillars over the summer.

Monday, October 25

wash up, Please

Look what turns up as "garden art" sometimes. Just as whimsical as gnomes and flamingos at a certain level, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 20

the honor System

How cool is it that in rural northern NY, people can still be trusted to do the right thing?
(click on photo to read the friendly sign clearly)

Pumpkins for sale, take your pick and put your $$$$ in the mail slot.

Monday, October 18

Sugar maple offers not only sweet syrup in March, but a treat for the eyes in October.
This is the view my sister has out their back window when she is making coffee in the morning.

Sunday, October 17

not all is Red

New England asters in Michael's garden

Saturday, October 16

sunset over the Lake

Lake Champlain sunset over the Adirondacks from the ferry to NY
Hello again! 
No longer drifting, we just returned from a week in the Northern Adirondacks and Lake Champlain, seeing our families and soaking up the Fall color, apple cider and fresh doughnuts and having a ceremonial Michigan. Here begins a few postcards for anyone who has ever wished for an October vacation as a Leaf Peeper.

Thursday, October 7


drifting for a few days, back shortly

Wednesday, October 6

a little fall Color

We have pale yellow, and sunny yellow and harvest gold and burnished bronze, but for a kid from the Adirondacks, a bunch of red is what fall color should be.
staghorn sumac

Tuesday, October 5

going with the Flow

Common mergansers just going with the flow of Rapid Creek.

Monday, October 4

2nd Annual Giant Pumpkin Contest

Announcing Rapid City's One and Only
Waiting for Weighing
It takes a forklift
To weigh the Winner....1280 lbs!
It might take a forklift to weigh this Gentle Giant.

Sunday, October 3

dog Hysteria...

...makes you wonder what the heck is outside at 7am on a Sunday morning. This is what the faithful hound thought was about to burglarize the house or vandalize the birch tree. We see the does and fawns all the time, but we rarely get a glimpse of the Princes of the Forest except this time of year.
He was stunningly aloof and disdainful of a photographer barefooted and in pajamas.

Saturday, October 2

not partridge in a pear Tree

a pear in a pear tree
way above the deer's reach
waiting for plucking by fingers