Sunday, January 19

a return Visit

To Art Alley, Rapid City, for a series for the 365.
Tropical colors in January.

Saturday, January 11

the neighbor Lady

1/11  She who lays the Easter colored eggs.

Friday, January 10

one of these Things...

1/10 not like the others!

Wednesday, January 8

getting ready for the Day

1/8/14   Rapid City High School Waiting for our kiddos

fire to the West


Monday, January 6

serendipitous Raptor

1/6  Raptor

We had a 2 hour late start of school today due to the extreme cold wind chills. I headed for town 2 hours later than normal on a Monday morning, and this was what was catching the mid-morning sun on my way to school. Regular day, I would not have seen him/her.  Rough-legged hawk doesn't seem to find the weather too rough. Ma Nature sometimes gives presents when she smacks you with ugly weather.

Sunday, January 5

time to get back to Work

A "365" Challenge to Self
1/1   just plain sass

1/2   sunset

1/3 January rain

1/4   Sharp-shinned and sharp eyed

1/5  -5F nuthatch at breakfast
I have set for myself a "365 Photo Project". To take, and post 1 photograph for each of the 365 days of 2014. The photo must be posted on the day it is taken, no mining the archives! 
It is my 65th year on the Planet, I am curious to see what the album looks like when I look back on 31 December 2014. Here is the record of the 1st 5 days. I expect it will be totally random, and hopefully interesting, humorous, beautiful, insightful.