Tuesday, May 31

what happened to Fluffy?

After rain, rain, rain even the dandelions get soggy. No nice round pompom heads, no floaty little parachutes traveling on the breeze.

Monday, May 30

thank you for your Service

to our Veterans and current Service Members,
and their families
Thank you 
Memorial Day 2011

Tuesday, May 24

a study in black, white and Green

Or more correctly, black and white (Lucifer) studying violet-green. The swallows were flying through the backyard, either hunting, playing or prospecting homes, cat was fascinated.

Monday, May 23

mango Tango

still life for Gena

Saturday, May 21

spring Green

Betula papyrifera

Friday, May 20

after the Rain...

 late afternoon sun shines on pear blossoms

Thursday, May 19

dancing Feet

The bottom half looks very traditional, feet keeping time with the Drum, the top half is a very hungry little boy munching on fried chicken and chocolate cake.

Wednesday, May 18

the Feathering Ceremony

Adding to the count
honoring song
Our school district honors our Native American graduates with a Feathering Ceremony just prior to high school graduation. It is an awesome event, full of tradition, pride and joy for the graduates and their families. It was an honor to be there this evening and celebrate our students' success, several of whom I have known since elementary school.

Stevens HS, The Academy, Central HS tipis
the star quilts
the eagle plumes and feathers before the blessing

Tuesday, May 17

the yucky Duck

Ok, what the heck is the Yucky Duck???

Sunday, May 15

shooting Back

Shooting stars, feast for the eyes and a feast for the nose, they have a wonderful fragrance on a sunny afternoon in May, despite the fact that there were snowflakes in the air yesterday morning!!

Glad to be back online again after Blogger and server problems this week, drat!

Monday, May 9

likin' some Lichens

(click on photos for close-up details)

Lichens bring to mind the tundra and browsing caribou, but these favor a dry prairie pasture instead. Out taking wildflower pictures yesterday, these wild ones were brightening up the landscape, too. 

The top photo is a rock the size of a softball, yet it is hosting 4 different kinds of lichens. The bottom photo is a little rock about the size and shape of a Wheat Thins cracker. I was intrigued at how the lichen is covering the edges on all 4 sides and seems to be working in toward the center.

The foundation rocks both appear to be Black Hills granite and quite colorful all on their own.. Cool.

Sunday, May 8

hey, There....

Are you someone's mom, or grandma or auntie?

Well, Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 7

game Over!

PeeWee soccer day in Sioux Park, some small player seems confused about the rules of play.

Thursday, May 5

baby geese made their Debut

What a gorgeous day to see the World for the first time!
The Canada goose parents I've been watching for a month successfully hatched out 7 goslings sometime in the past 18 hours.
Family doing well and snoozing in the warm sunshine by their natal pond, parents on high alert.
last year's gosling, maybe an uncle or auntie to this batch

Wednesday, May 4

expectant Father

By my calculations, he should be the proud father of a brood of goslings by Friday. He watches and guards, she sits caring for the eggs, through 60 mph winds, rain and 2 snowstorms. The next several days should be sunny and mild, perfect for a first look at the Planet.

Tuesday, May 3

old green door in the Neighborhood

The Neighborhood around my school is the local historic district. Lovely big, old homes and small, quaint cottages 100 years old living side by side. Always some neat detail tucked away.

Monday, May 2

spring green in the Neighborhood

a beautiful day in the Neighborhood for a lunch time stroll

Sunday, May 1

happy May Day

Sunshine from the Greenhouse!