Monday, December 31

limited Edition

Favorite, favorite! Genuine Limited Edition 
 Peppermint Stick ice cream. An actual 1/2 gallon container! No, I am not eating it right out of the carton, my mother would have my hide.

Sunday, December 30

august and NotAugust

Sometimes the winter cold is bitter, and the summer heat is oppressive, but the changing of seasons is something I would miss if I lived in the tropics.

Saturday, December 29

just Silliness

Deer's ears...
Deer's rear.

almost the end of the Year...

at the Gazebo on Canyon Lake

Friday, December 28

raspberries for Breakfast...

doesn't make 10F into a summer's day, but at least it TASTES like it!

the only description is....


Thursday, December 27

select a blue pencil, Please

When your subject absolutely will not sit still for a nanosecond, fire off the shot through the dirty window anyway. Find the Colored Pencil gadget in Photoshop and turn yourself into an Artist! Sometimes it turns out more pleasing  than the photograph would have been. :o)

ma nature, you are an artist Extraordinaire

Macrophotography is Awesome!

Wednesday, December 26

sometimes Daybreak....

brings color of a different sort with it.

Tuesday, December 25

a christmas Character

My cherry pie has been Vandal-eyezed!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23

are you supposed to be a tree Decoration?

Epic Fail
 The only thing this fisherman was going to take home for dinner was  filet of cottonwood twig.

Saturday, December 22

shoe Nibbler

She was picking up little bits of spilled Doritos off the fishing platform. Came closer and closer and decided to sample my shoes. Having your toes nibbled by duck is a weird feeling. I would have loved a picture, but I had the telephoto lens on the camera and I am not tall enough to get within focal length of my feet.

seriously, Daddy...

Overheard this morning:

Says Daddy, "Look, honey, Santa Claus drives a pick-up just like ours!"

Replies Daughter, age about 4, "Seriously? Daddy, everybody knows Santa Claus drives a sleigh, not a Ford!"

Love little kids!

Sunday, December 16

cheap Labor

I sincerely hope that this journeyman electrician knows what he is doing and doesn't cause a neighborhood power outage. :o)

Tuesday, December 11

the canvas is...


 95 feet long! It was created by my wonderful young Art teacher friend and a gifted student artist that she is mentoring. The most remarkable thing about it (besides being 95 FEET LONG) is the fact that they accomplished it in 2 weeks, working on their hands and knees on the floor of a busy active classroom. This is Main Street Square, Rapid City. Public art to beautify the chiller unit that provides ice for the outdoor skating rink.

Friday, December 7

Wednesday, December 5

farewell, Music Man

A long life, well lived, creative soul.
Dave Brubeck

Monday, December 3

still life with milkweed and Silver

Out with the camera, looking for something of interest in the season of "everything is brown".
The milkweed pod had let fly its silky seeds, so I loaned it my Navajo silver bracelet to wear for a few moments. The pictographs by the Ancient Ones represented on the bracelet are things like protection, perseverance and the creative spirit. Rock art fascinates me.

Sunday, December 2

workin' the Infield

Further proof that geese can't, or don't choose to, read signs.

Saturday, December 1

art Deco

Circa 1936
Windom, MN

Thursday, November 29

full Beaver Moon

The full Beaver Moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac. So named because this was the time of year the animals were preparing their winter food supply and trappers were setting up their gear before the cold weather closed the ponds with ice.

Monday, November 26

monday quiz Question

Do you know what you are looking at??

Sunday, November 25


A view like this at 75 mph on I-90 will cause temporary and instantaneous heart failure! Your brain registers "OMG, there is a semi in my lane and it is headed right for me!" THEN brain realizes there is a tow truck involved. Guaranteed to scare the daylights out of you.

Saturday, November 24

prairie Sunset

Buffalo Gap National Grasslands    11/24/12

A present from Ma Nature as we headed home from Minnesota.

Monday, November 19

Kingfishers are always suspicious of the paparazzi. Any of us wishing for a really good shot of a kingfisher is always happy to get any shot of one, never mind a good one. I think this guy gave me about 4 nanoseconds to compose and shoot before he darted off again.

Sunday, November 18

caught in the Act

Vandalism in broad daylight! The pumpkin was on the front porch, he had to come up the steps to get it! His cheeky cheeks were stained orange and he just looked disdainfully at me and just kept munching when I stepped out with the camera. We are 20 ft apart at most. Can you see my gardening challenges??

Saturday, November 17

i know it is November

They have just flooded the outdoor skating rink at Wilson Park, it is 60F, not much chance of a hockey game happening. Maybe water polo, but definitely not hockey today.

Thursday, November 15

northeast Breeze

Mid-November day, the Lincoln Campus

Wednesday, November 14

Tuesday, November 13


My Lady Willow
Swaying strands of mermaid's hair
Painting stream greengold

Monday, November 12

Sunday, November 11


Thank you Veterans, active duty service members and National Guard.

Saturday, November 10

caution: snowplow Ahead

11/10/12       44N 103W
The "wintery mix" precipitation has materialized in the Black Hills, as predicted. The Schnauzer Snowplow Company is hard at work.

Friday, November 9

a cottonwood Owl

random silliness for a Friday

Sunday, November 4

the distaff side of the Family

This group of Bighorn sheep were right on the west edge of town, 6 ewes and the big ram above. Two of the ewes are ear tagged and collared, I assume they are part of a Game, Fish and Parks study of some sort. This particular group moves down from slightly higher elevations in the fall, sometimes putting on a head butting performance in the middle of State Hwy 44.
A number of years ago my sister helped capture and ready a group of bighorns from the Georgetown herd in Colorado to bring diversity to the population in the Hills. This bunch may be descendants of those that she helped wrestle into a trailer for transplanting here. They come from the direction of where those were released and she tells me that they show very similar coat color and pattern to that Colorado group.
I am used to having white-tailed, mule deer and turkeys in the yard all the time, but seeing these guys was a treat, especially when I had the camera with the good telephoto lens with me!

exactly what Is

Saturday, November 3

the Travelers

I heard them overhead at 2 am. Flying by the light of the Moon. People say the sound of fall migration is a melancholy sound.   But they sounded energized and excited, anxious to be on their way. Like vacationers headed for a holiday somewhere lazy and warm. Safe travels, Winged Ones.