Thursday, February 28

Wednesday, February 27

Tuesday, February 26

photosynthesis is Happenin'

Cabomba caroliniana, Carolina Fanwort

Biology II, photosynthesis lab experiment. I have become Custodian of the Cabomba, charged with being able to provide a supply for next session of Bio II. I need to make sure it does not take over the world or escape into waterways, it can be invasive in warmer waters. I wonder if it makes good salad fixings?

Monday, February 25

full Snow Moon

another picture for my Moon Child, maybe she can see it as she goes to sleep....

quoth the Raven...

my frequent morning visitor, Edgar Allan Crow.

Sunday, February 24

be grateful you are not a Mouse

Meet Icarus, one of the educators that works for the Black Hills Raptor Center, a US Fish and Wildlife licensed center for rehabilitation of owls, hawks and falcons. Soon they will have the facilities to be licensed to work with Bald and Golden Eagles as well.

Saturday, February 23

morning Ablutions

Common Golden-eye style

Friday, February 22

artists at Work

Saturday till Monday

Thursday, February 21

said the Cowardly Lion,

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!

just Wondering...

what treasure box or rolltop desk did they open, or what clock did they wind?

Wednesday, February 20

investment Opportunity

Invest in bananas, circa 1904, from weekly mining news publication.

Tuesday, February 19

sometimes it's Horsefeathers...

sometimes it is a Horselaugh, or a HorseYawn or a Horsesneeze...I am not sure which :o)

Monday, February 18

blue sky Clouds

The north wind will have these miles away and in different shapes in moments!

Sunday, February 17

you belong in Argentina,

but you are most welcome here in wintertime South Dakota, lovely Hippeastrum flowers!

Saturday, February 16

in dog Years

Yesterday, Susan B. Anthony, Galileo and I all celebrated our birthdays. We were born the same day, not the same year, for those speculating. It was a pretty good day, even when one of my young friends figured out I was 448 in Dog Years! :o)

Thursday, February 14

Wednesday, February 13

one man's trash Is

another man's piece of art!

Tuesday, February 12

Monday, February 11

a study in Contrasts

silver and gold
frantic and serene
liquid and solid

Sunday, February 10

2 bottoms don't make a Whole

duck feet just make me smile

Saturday, February 9

some Leftovers

How strong must spider silk be!  It has survived along the creek bank through thunderstorms, windstorms, snowstorms, all the way till February, as fancy as any Alencon lace.

Friday, February 8

Wednesday, February 6

we be showing off for the Ladies

My youngest always said "the turkeys are being fancy again" when they started their spring festival of impressing the ladies. Seems early, since it is only the beginning of February, but Punxatawney Phil did predict an early spring.

Tuesday, February 5

curiosity at Work

What are you doing over there, Two Legged Creature?

Sunday, February 3

up close, and Personal

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Subfamily: Bovinae
Genus: Bison
Species: B. bison
Binomial name
Bison bison

Saturday, February 2

the prognostication Is....

Pinewood Percy saw his shadow this morning...6 more weeks

National Climatic Data Center says Punxatawney Phil is only right 39% of the time with his predictions, we shall see how Percy does.

Happy Groundhog Day!