Tuesday, January 31

do you ever feel Hobbled?

This is what it looks like for real in cowboy territory
Meanwhile, back at the Stock Show...

c.1300, hoblen "to rock back and forth, toss up and down," probably related to its Du. cognate hobbelen. Transitive sense of "tie the legs of an animal" first recorded 1831, probably an alteration of 16c. hopple, cognate with Flem. hoppelen "to rock, jump," related to Du. hobbelen. Sense of "hamper,

 hinder" is c.1870.    (www.dictionary.com)

Monday, January 30

cyclamen Pink

Cyclamen pink cyclamen
Cyclamen pink Rose-breasted Cockatoo

Just who is mimicking who?

Sunday, January 29

we didn't need a little birdie to tell us...

we already knew it...Happy Birthday, Bessarie

the Educator

Elise, the red-tailed hawk, one of the education birds that visits school kids as part of the Black Hills Raptor Center's outreach program. She has been to over 1000 classrooms throughout the region so far. She was ruffling a few feathers and causing birdy freak-outs among some fellows at a bird show hosted by my favorite greenhouse. Stay tuned

Saturday, January 28

boots and Stirrups

If you have this many styles of stirrups to choose from...
you better have plenty of different kinds of boots to fit them!

Friday, January 27

Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo

End of January every year the Civic Center and other venues are taken over by the annual Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. We welcome hundreds of cattlemen and women, rodeo contestants, horses, cattle, bison, baby farm animals, sheepdogs and spectators. It is an a huge event and a welcome break from winter time ranch chores for people.
Today was the first day for events, featuring a large horse sale and auction. A few photos from the sale when I checked in after school.
3 horses waiting

3 cowboys watching
3 + 4 Palomino braids showing

Thursday, January 26

Tuesday, January 24

summer Pincushion

Just looking through my photos for a bit of summer, Blue Butterfly scabiosa, AKA pincushion flower.
Click on the photo and see the pins in the cushion.

Monday, January 23

storefront Main Street

What era favored turquoise like this?

We are looking at 1950s decor here, not retro, but the genuine article.
This seems to have been the thing for kitchen appliances  at that time as well, although my mother had a pink stove and refrigerator for years. I think that had something to do with a "heck of a buy" on a double oven range and a huge bottom freezer in the frig. It was pretty exotic, nobody else's kitchen had pink appliances!

Sunday, January 22

just wondering...

exactly what are we locking up here ???

Saturday, January 21

a little bit of Color

A little corner of Art Alley

Friday, January 20

miss Liberty?

I think this gentleman might be working for a local tax preparation firm, at least I hope so. They have "wavers" outside their seasonal tax offices around town in several places, but I have never seen one walking down Art Alley before.

Thursday, January 19

do they ever get cold Feet?

"A duck foot is mostly tendons with very little muscle, the muscles that help them move are located further from the feet and better insulated, so there is less need for blood flow to the feet to keep them warm. Ducks also have a very unique circulation system, where warm blood going down to the feet goes closely past the cold blood coming back from the feet. This is called a counter-current heat exchange as heat is exchanged from the hot blood to the cold, meaning that the birds do not lose too much heat through their feet."
from www.borrowedfreedom.org

Wednesday, January 18

shadow Play

Organic and inorganic
composition by Ma Nature

Tuesday, January 17

dear Daffodils,

What are you thinking?? It is the middle of January, it is 15 degrees, it is snow flaking! What in the world are you doing out of bed so early!!

Monday, January 16

a different kind of Work

Note to whoever opened the store for the day on December 1, 1820, "Solomon Rosevelt left 14 baskets of corn in the ear we put it in the west bin where Abraham Lebo's corn was"

A gill of rum  is 4 oz. and was part of the daily rations of the Continental Army, apparently that was also something you could buy at a general store in the 1820s as well.

Matthew Sax, one of my ancestors, moved west from Vermont to the New York shore of Lake Champlain looking for opportunity in the early 19th century. An ambitious man, he built the steamboat wharf and a general store at what became known as the Landing, or Saxe's Landing. A small community grew around it with a boarding house, inn, and various other businesses. The property remains in our family to this day, my mother being a direct descendent of Matthew, she has the  ledgers and daybooks from the Store dating back to the  1820's. Fascinating reading when you can decipher the penmanship of the day.

Alternately spelled Saxe, depending on who was spelling it.

Sunday, January 15

at Work

Sitta canadensis   Red-breasted Nuthatch
Nuthatch-mid-14c., probably is so called from its habit of breaking open and eating nuts; from nut + second element related to hack (v.) and hatchet.

Saturday, January 14

just a sip and back to Work

Whole mob of chickadees and nuthatches busy lowering the seed level in the feeders today.

Thursday, January 12

sunshine and Shadow

Triangle, rectangle, trapezoid

Tuesday, January 10

paper as Paint

collage [kəˈlɑːʒ kɒ- (French) kɔlaʒ]
1. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) an art form in which compositions are made out of pieces of paper, cloth, photographs, and other miscellaneous objects, juxtaposed and pasted on a dry ground
2. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) a composition made in this way
3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) any work, such as a piece of music, created by combining unrelated styles
[French, from coller to stick, from colle glue, from Greek kolla]
collagist  n
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Art 9 2-D

Monday, January 9

what a Bargain!

A 60F day outside, a new camera lens to experiment with, and a treasure from a bargain bin. I just love amaryllis in the dead of winter when they can go outside in the sunshine on the deck and pose for their portrait.

Sunday, January 8

sleepy eyed Goldeneyes

Canyon Lake is our local hangout for winter ducks. Migrants stop by and stay for the winter, wigeons, goldeneyes, mallards, gadwalls and  others are usually found doing duck things any time of day.

We have had unseasonalbly warm weather lately, so the ice cover on the lake is minimal and open water keeps them scattered. The local mallard crowd is so used to people you can just about walk up and pat them on their little feathered heads. Not so the travelers from farther north, these guys appeared to be snoozing, but I could see golden eyes peeking at me, and this was as close as I was going to get, thank you.

They really are lovely ducks on the water, and what the folks in northern NY where I grew up call "Whistlers". One fly by over your head and it is pretty obvious why.

Saturday, January 7

random glance of Summer

Did he fly, or was he a bird's breakfast? Just wondering.

Wednesday, January 4

now you see him, now you Don't

Bucephala albeola    
Bufflehead pair in breeding plumage, they be divers!

Tuesday, January 3

a bit of blue Ribbon

Just a little bit of blue ribbon fancies up a Lady's dress clothes!

Monday, January 2

bark up a different Tree

Ma Nature clothes her children in fabrics of many textures, not just the leafy green dresses of summer.

Sunday, January 1

Happy 2012!

click to enjoy the rainbow colors of Meleagris gallipavo
Step out into the sunshine of a New Year with all its colors and variations just waiting to show themselves. May yours be one of peace, good fortune and good health.