Monday, January 16

a different kind of Work

Note to whoever opened the store for the day on December 1, 1820, "Solomon Rosevelt left 14 baskets of corn in the ear we put it in the west bin where Abraham Lebo's corn was"

A gill of rum  is 4 oz. and was part of the daily rations of the Continental Army, apparently that was also something you could buy at a general store in the 1820s as well.

Matthew Sax, one of my ancestors, moved west from Vermont to the New York shore of Lake Champlain looking for opportunity in the early 19th century. An ambitious man, he built the steamboat wharf and a general store at what became known as the Landing, or Saxe's Landing. A small community grew around it with a boarding house, inn, and various other businesses. The property remains in our family to this day, my mother being a direct descendent of Matthew, she has the  ledgers and daybooks from the Store dating back to the  1820's. Fascinating reading when you can decipher the penmanship of the day.

Alternately spelled Saxe, depending on who was spelling it.

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threecollie said...

That is very awesome. I love old journals, diaries and the like.