Sunday, January 1

Happy 2012!

click to enjoy the rainbow colors of Meleagris gallipavo
Step out into the sunshine of a New Year with all its colors and variations just waiting to show themselves. May yours be one of peace, good fortune and good health.


Aunty Belle said...

Wow, that gallipavo is some bird!!

Happy New Year Caroline!! Wishin' all yore kin folk a blessed year ahead.

Thanky fer the fabulous photos this year--a look at the beauty of yore country.

Florida Beach Basics said...

and the same to you and your family! finally catching up on my blog post reading - love the mailbox, and of course, cows are always a treat for an ex farm girl. and I echo Aunty Belle's remark - your photos are wonderful, exceeded only by your clever captions :) marge

Caroline said...

Happy New Year, Aunty and Marge...and thanky fer your kind words :o)