Wednesday, October 31

somewhere underneath This

is my beautiful youngest daughter

Tuesday, October 30

beauty out of Mess

Art 9 2-D discovers the ancient art of batik. Original designs, lots of hot beeswax, dye baths, stained fingers and creativity that is unique as they are!
A shoutout Lincoln kids, you are awesome!

Monday, October 29

just Wait

till you see what this mess turned into

Sunday, October 28

for Sale

Take your pick

Thursday, October 25

Wednesday, October 24

shredded wheat, sort Of

Ready for winter, our cattle ranching friends have stockpiled hay to feed their stock. The big rolls always remind me of Muffets shredded wheat cereal from childhood. Favorite, favorite.

Tuesday, October 23

a study not in black and White

Would your Mama have let you go to school looking like a rainbow? This is high school hair!

Sunday, October 21

a study in black and White

Is Lucifer a black and white cat or a white and black cat?
How do you tell? He is noncomittal on the subject.

Saturday, October 20

fall Color

Sundown October 20  The Black Hills of South Dakota

Friday, October 19

Wednesday, October 17

if you were counting Heads...

would there be zero geese in this picture??

Tuesday, October 16

on a Picnic

Even the leaves enjoy sitting at a streamside picnic table, basking in the sunshine and listening to watermusic.

Monday, October 15

yellow Taxi

The yellows were so astounding I made a quick turnaround and went back to catch it. Man, I am glad I carry a camera some days.

Sunday, October 14

epic Failure

Just wandering along Rapid Creek yesterday, taking photographs on a lovely fall afternoon. I found the path blocked in one of my favorite spots,  It was an epic failure for the local beavers. They had selected a tasty cottonwood to harvest, but had an engineering problem. Unless beavers can jump about 8 feet in the air, all they provided was a squirrel bridge across the creek rather than lunch for themselves. My Architect-in Residence informs me it is indeed a "gnawing problem" about what to do now for said furry engineers.

Saturday, October 13

first, there was a Flower

This time of year a pumpkin's "cheeks" are the focus of our admiration, searching for the perfect place to create the face of a Jack-o-lantern. I found its nether end was the coolest mix of textures and colors where the blossom had done its work, disappeared and left a mosaic.

Wednesday, October 10

catching the last Rays

wild grapes reflecting back some late afternoon sunshine along Rapid Creek

Monday, October 8

you might just Be

showing the world a "Full Moon" if you stepped into this Crescent Moon outhouse, provided it didn't go to pieces and take you with it.

Saturday, October 6

overnight Changes

Saturday morning last week we were in shirtsleeves at the Pumpkin Festival and Weigh-in. This Saturday morning the frost is definitely on the pumpkin, or more accurately, the SNOW is on the pumpkin and other things.

Wednesday, October 3

good Neighbors

Thank you to the hard working farmers and ranchers who put food on our tables every day.

Monday, October 1

full Moon

October 1  6:45 am