Monday, October 31

Sunday, October 30

Saturday, October 29

it's creeping Up

Soon to welcome the small witches, zombies, football players and princesses...

Thursday, October 27

grocery store Still Life

What's not to love about a big pile of fresh apples in the grocery store? Look at those cheeks!

Wednesday, October 26

just a few moments Ago

These droplets were not in the liquid state, they were SNOWFLAKES! It ain't summer any more.

Tuesday, October 25

first you see the Chickadee,

In the lovely mosaic compass rose that my talented kids made for me. Then you notice his companions, pretty well camouflaged against the leafy things and the grassy things in the background.

Monday, October 24

Sunday, October 23

in the End

Even teen-agers get a kick out of creating jack-o-lanterns

Saturday, October 22

in the Beginning

The boys get creative....

Wednesday, October 19

the Birdfeeder...

Appears to have become a bird feeder. All evidence points to a visit by the neighborhood Sharp-shinned hawk, and the remains of his lunch. I am fairly certain Eurasian collared-dove was on the menu today.
Sharp-shinned Hawk - Accipiter striatus
Sharp-shinned hawk by my blogfriend Terry Sohl, photographer extraordinaire  (  

Tuesday, October 18

he may need a Scarf

Headed for the upper 20s tonight, his Straw Self may have a touch of frostbite in the morning!

Monday, October 17

a plethora of Prepositions

An abstract work of art created by the ambient light from headlights and the reflective properties of roadsign and roadstripe on wet pavement in the dark through the windshield.

Sunday, October 16

looking Backwards...

...waiting for the other brother. The terrible twins have lost their infant spots and taken on the gray-brown insulating coats of winter deer. The amount of growing they have done since June is truly amazing.

Saturday, October 15

dragon's Breath

the clouds draw pictures sometimes...

Friday, October 14

Jose, can you See??

The beautiful original art background you have in your tank? The kids in our Art 2D class accepted my challenge to design backgrounds for Jose and the Guppies in my 2 aquariums. Who needs commercial  backgrounds when skilled artists are willing to create a special environment?

Wednesday, October 12

tradition and Technology

I loved the juxtaposition between the beautiful traditional pow wow regalia and modern technology. He and I were both photographing the dancers on the arena floor, we each had an amazing view.
Chicken Dance contestant

Tuesday, October 11

candy corn Sunrise

7 am  10/11/11
One of the most quintessential Halloween treats is candy corn. It was invented in the 1800s by George Renninger, and the Goelitz Confectionary Company began manufacturing the sugary kernels in 1898 in Illinois.  Originally, candy corn syrup was hand-poured into molds and required three separate layers to achieve the traditional white, orange and yellow. A serving of candy corn is 19 pieces and will add 140 calories to your  calorie count, if you are counting. So, now you know.


Monday, October 10

she saw, he Saw

She saw...

and he saw....

and I saw them with my camera...

Sunday, October 9

in Anticipation

ready for the Intertribal

Friday, October 7

rainbow in Motion

Womens' Fancy dancer
Black Hills Pow Wow, our entire student body were guests at a special Youth Day celebration of culture and unity.
It is the 25th annual He Sapa Wacipi, beginning today through Sunday. It is an amazing experience.

Mens' Fancy dancer

Wednesday, October 5

chewie Visits

Despite the fact that he is named for another movie character, Capt Jack Sparrow, the Schnauzer kid bears a strong resemblance to Chewbacca at the moment. 

Chewbacca (actor Peter Mayhew) himself wore a costume of mixed yak hair and mohair, and had a voice invented by sound designer, Ben Burt. 

Jack yaps, but the original Chewbacca had a voice created from the sound recordings of walrus, lion, camel, bear, rabbit, tiger and badger vocalizations. There is something you can add to the conversation over morning coffee!

Tuesday, October 4

we need this in the form of Rain

Rapid Creek,  44N 103W

With apologies to blogfriends who are inundated with too much rain, we could use some here! Nearly 90 again today and crunchy. Rapid Creek is cold and clear and flowing merrily within its banks, not much help for the lawn.

Monday, October 3

it's Angora

Angora rabbit kiddo

Sunday, October 2

no Ice...

chokecherry leaves bathing the birdbath today, it's hit 91F this afternoon so far.

addendum: broke record today for date and for entire month of October at 96F!

Saturday, October 1

what the Heck??

See the previous post? Frost advisory. See the Grandpa Ott's this morning, October 1st? It is 90F at 3pm MDT!

South Dakota weather lore says if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes, it will change.