Sunday, March 31

the E.B.

Happy Easter, one and all!

Tuesday, March 26

in Anticipation

Still snow, still frozen ground, still waiting to be able to work the soil and have some salad!

Monday, March 25

a Puzzle


Sunday, March 24

local chicks Sunbathing

My backdoor neighbors were out taking in some afternoon sunshine. It was about 20F, and the entire flock of 8 had stuffed themselves into the two feet of space between the back (south side) of their coop and the fence to catch some rays. I guess chickens don't like to freeze their toes any better than the rest of us!

Saturday, March 23

jewel in the Sun

Calendar says spring.
 Ma Nature says, "Nope, not yet!"

spring Snow

44N  103W  3/23/13
March always brings some lovely, wet spring snow. Thanks, Ma Nature, we are glad for the moisture, even if the roads are slippery this morning.

Thursday, March 21

guardian of the Troutlings

Rubber Duckie, Guardian of the Troutlings
Our Ecology classes raised trout from eggs up to fingerling size this past 9 weeks, and with the help of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, released them at our new Outdoor Campus West last week. I gave RD to Brenda, my teacher friend, to keep her company once the baby trout "graduated". He swims in the classroom aquarium, guarding it for the next batch of aquatic friends to take up residence.


Wednesday, March 20

spring Equinox

Equinoctial Sunrise at 44 N  103W

Tuesday, March 19

on the way home from School...

other kids were on their way home, too. Pronghorns are very wary of Subarus and camera lenses, they were not going to let me get very close. What a neat thing to see along the roadside on the edge of town. Bighorns to the west side, pronghorns on the east side.

facing the Sun

Monday, March 18

not Impressed

So far, the local turkey ladies are more interested in lunch than in their faithful swains. The boys were strutting and fanning tails and chest bumping each other, apparently showing off didn't impress anybody but themselves.

Sunday, March 17

the wearing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Some folk are "wearing the green" every day!

Thursday, March 14

the bottom of the Bird

We have robins around all winter, but to hear the "cheer up, cheerily" over head in the tree feels like Spring is on the way to me.

Wednesday, March 13

Monday, March 11

the Laccolith

Mato Paha

A Sacred Mountain
"Many American Indians see Bear Butte as a place where the creator has chosen to communicate with them through visions and prayer.

"Mato Paha or "Bear Mountain" is the Lakota name given to this site. To the Cheyenne, it is "Noahvose." This geological formation is one of several intrusions of igneous rock in the Black Hills that formed millions of years ago."

"During your visit, you will see colorful pieces of cloth and small bundles or pouches hanging from the trees. These prayer cloths and tobacco ties represent the prayers offered by individuals during their worship. Please respect these offerings and leave them undisturbed."  (SD Game, Fish and Parks)

Sunday, March 10

who is winning Here?

Looks like the score is Tree-1, Rock-0

Saturday, March 9

it means "little Frog"

I am still trying to find out why the Latin word origin for this lovely thing is tadpole or little frog. Is it seeds or roots or something else? It is a cousin to buttercups not amphibians.

Thursday, March 7

tam 'o Shanter...

for my finger

Wednesday, March 6

water Ballet

Photoshop filters haven't got anything on just plain water for special effects. Scene like this always reminds me of the Nutcracker Suite part of Disney's Fantasia.

Tuesday, March 5

a little Present

to help you through a snowy day, if you are in Minnesota.

Monday, March 4

the new Neighbor

His ladies are quite pleasant and chatty, friendly and cordial neighbors. We will see about him, he and Edgar Allan Crow seemed to be having a shouting match this morning. Maybe he is the one we should call Edgar Allan Crow instead!

Sunday, March 3

the face in the Mirror

Rapid Creek reflection

Rapid Creek reflection rotated!

again, it is in the Details

rooftop decor Prairie Edge bldg
Streetside you don't see it maybe, but from the top of the parking garage it is right in front of you! They don't detail buildings like this in the 21st century.

Saturday, March 2

a prairie View

March 1st, South Dakota prairie afternoon

Friday, March 1

at the Ballet

Gadwall Pas de Deux