Sunday, September 30

bird Bath

The robins seem to have left a bit of their rusty color behind in the birdbath.

Saturday, September 29

festival Festivities

The giant pumpkin I have been watching all summer was right there in all its glory waiting for the weigh-in at the Pumpkin Festival at Main Street Square this morning. I was excited for the people who grew it that they were able to haul it there unscathed and ready for its debut. I didn't get to see the weigh-in, but one  considerably smaller had just topped the scales at 474 pounds! Waiting to see results in tomorrow's paper.

Thursday, September 27

Wednesday, September 26

illuminated Manuscript

World History, dateline 16th Century, manuscript by W. Huston, Esq.

Monday, September 24

wait Up

I have been that mom who is saying, "hurry up!" while the child following me is hollering, "wait for meeeeee!", These two were having a similar conversation.

Sunday, September 23

ready for Cinderella

Our annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off is next Saturday, Sept. 29. After such a hot and dry summer, I hope these folks enter and are winners. They have been tending these babies since May, the vines literally cover their entire front lawn. These two are the contenders, but there are several other smaller ones hidden in the foliage as well. I don't think either of them would fit in the trunk of the car in the driveway.

Saturday, September 22

sword Fighting

You can get in soooo much trouble with your mother for sword fighting in the house with ripe, ready to burst cattails!

Wednesday, September 19

vanity Plate

What is this all about? Who is Big Woof? Why Lil Woof? What does Woof have to do with the Buckeyes? Just curious.

Tuesday, September 18

Monday, September 17

sometimes a good soak will Do

and sometimes it is good to add a shower. I turned on the sprinkler to water in some new perennials, it is so dry here that sprinklers are bird magnets in moments. This robin sat for at least 5 minutes with his feathers fluffed out and just let the sprinkler rain down on him. Glad to oblige, Feathered One, there is a line waiting now, hustle up.

Sunday, September 16

Saturday, September 15

one of Many

Lots of us in the world proudly sport freckles on our hides :o)

Thursday, September 13

game On

Football isn't the only Fall sport, soccer season is in full swing and the fields are busy all over town.

Wednesday, September 12

sun Flowers

Prairie asters on a sunny afternoon = sunflowers

Monday, September 10

character from a sci fi Movie

Mantis religiosa or Praying Mantis
Is she not an amazing creature! Hollywood special effects artists couldn't come up with anything any better, in my humble opinion. Being a photographic model was not something she was real interested in doing, so I shot pictures as I could with the camera at hand.  She has left an egg case on one of my garden trellises, so I will be looking for her children in the spring among my delphiniums and iris.

Sunday, September 9

a bit out of Sync

Ready to greet the Fall Equinox instead of the Summer Solstice
The creamy white candles of the yucca usually show up around the second week of June. For some reason best known to itself, this one decided that the second week of September was the proper time to bloom with the fall Asters instead of the spring Penstemon. It is lovely from a distance and even lovelier up close.

Saturday, September 8

about 1 am, I am thinking....

Please bag up your barking dog and deposit him in the nearest container, dear neighbor.

Thursday, September 6

wannabe Monet

 A quick afterschool trip to my favorite greenhouse for perennials, their lily pond is still in full summer splendidness with multiple lilies open. I would love to have these in the yard, but with my luck, the deer would become aquatic, wade in and eat them, or we would suddenly find moose among the turkeys and the whitetails. Sigh.

Wednesday, September 5

on Foot

Would you be able to take your afternoon snooze standing on one foot in the middle of a creek? Nearly grown mallards pretend they are taking a nap just like my daughters did. Although I did not detect any fake snoring from this one, little girls used to try that one.

Monday, September 3

Sunday, September 2

dr. Seussian

Garlic chives and castor beans just look like they belong in a Dr. Seussian landscape somewhere.

Saturday, September 1


It is September 1, it's 98F, I don't know whether to drink the quart jar full of ice water or pour it over my head!