Wednesday, January 30

the coneflowers awake and Asleep

August basking beneath the summer sun
January sleeping beneath the winter snow

Tuesday, January 29

a sunrise Moonset

37 years ago today, a daughter, Beth Marie, joined her big sister,  the second of our 3 beautiful daughters. A similar scene may have greeted us that morning, I don't quite remember some details of that day! Happy Birthday, sweetie.

Saturday, January 26

is some of your silverware Missing?

You might just know someone working on a "spoon collage" project in their art class. Your duct tape supply may be in jeopardy as well.

Monday, January 21

feathers of many Sorts

mallard feather and snow feathers

Sunday, January 20

are you the Cheshire Cat?

Is this Wonderland? So where's Alice?

Saturday, January 19

Friday, January 18

on Stage

Rapid City High School 1937 Historic Theater

Thursday, January 17

and then the next Morning,

first, this

then, this less than 5 minutes later

Wednesday, January 16

known as Eos

"...the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn appeared....."
The Odyssey

Tuesday, January 15

exactly where were Ewe?

On the front lawn of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, west side of town,  Rapid City, SD 1/14/13.

Monday, January 14

a welcome Canadian

I haven't seen common redpolls at my feeders in 8 years, according to my records! These delightful little birds from the Canadian tundra and boreal forests are paying an irruptive visit to the northern United States this winter. They were in a busy, noisy flock of about 30. I hope they come for breakfast again.

Sunday, January 13

i see you, Human

Just what are you up to on the other side of the window?

Saturday, January 12

Wednesday, January 9

the Highest

Sunset 1/9/13 in the Black Hills
Harney Peak, 7,244' above sea level, the highest summit in the United States east of the Rockies.

Tuesday, January 8

y = mx + B

This is the Algebra I workbook the kids and I are using. Please note lack of eraser on my pencil. Math is not my subject. Give me Civics, World History, World Geography, Physical Science, Biology II, my pencils all have substantial erasers there. I will, however, prevail over this book.

Kids get large charge out of the nasty notes I write to my workbook. Answers like, "The rhinoceros will win." and 74.172,  when there is no rhino in the story problem or the answer should be an odd number, lighten their frustration and mine. :o)

Monday, January 7

Sunday, January 6

can I interest you in a new hat, Madam?

When you don't have the display stuff you need, improvisation is the name of the game.

Saturday, January 5

in the Works

Native American Art class, original artwork.

Kids put together their own beading looms with the help of our amazing Head Custodian!

Friday, January 4

1/4/13 @ 44N latitude 103W longitude


I wonder how close together the jets really are and where they are headed. Kind of like fireworks sent out by the Sun as he heads off to bed for the night.

Wednesday, January 2

where does it Lead?

Stage door, historic Elks Theater
Into the world of fantasy, imagination, escapism, adventure!

Tuesday, January 1


Peace be with all creatures, great or small, human or not, as we begin this New Year.