Tuesday, January 8

y = mx + B

This is the Algebra I workbook the kids and I are using. Please note lack of eraser on my pencil. Math is not my subject. Give me Civics, World History, World Geography, Physical Science, Biology II, my pencils all have substantial erasers there. I will, however, prevail over this book.

Kids get large charge out of the nasty notes I write to my workbook. Answers like, "The rhinoceros will win." and 74.172,  when there is no rhino in the story problem or the answer should be an odd number, lighten their frustration and mine. :o)


Red said...

Now being a retired teacher you've really got my curiosity going. Homework? Homeschooling?distance learning?

Caroline said...

My homework, I work in our school district's Alternative High School. I am a paraprofessional, assigned to be in the classroom with students. This allows a smaller student/teacher ratio in the classroom and gives extra support to the "at risk" students we serve. I choose to do the workbooks, worksheets, assignments, etc right along with the kids. That way we solve problems as a team, rather than struggling alone. I figure it is good modeling to do the work with them and not just go to the answer key. There are times I write nasty notes to my workbook, threatening it with annihilation,etc. It helps them to know that teachers get frustrated with the work sometimes, too.