Tuesday, July 31

after the Trip

Saxe's Landing     Chazy, New York     July 2012
Unpacking, doing laundry and editing photos from week long trip home to NY and Lake Champlain.
Lots of family visits, introducing our grandkids to their great-grandparents and enjoying the Lake of all my childhood summers.

The rocky point is the remains of a wharf built in the early 19th century by my ancestor to bring goods in to his store and for various other businesses. It was the northernmost dock on the lake before crossing the border into British territory in Quebec, about 10 miles north. The original store building was burned by the British during the War of 1812, and rebuilt in 1822 to continue commerce.

Sunday, July 22

after the Storm

looking East
looking West

Friday, July 20

enough with the triple Digits

A little precip of the white kind would be most welcomed by a little black schnauzer and everybody else!

Thursday, July 19

july Eclipse

I wonder if ducks get depressed when they aren't in their fancy breeding plumage? The only fancy, colorful part of this dude in the middle of July is his feet.

Wednesday, July 18

welcome to my Parlor...

...said the spider to the fly

Tuesday, July 17

evening Spotlights

Just before sunset, the swallows are still flying in with dinner for the little guys, and for some reason best known to himself, a blue jay is pretending he is a red-tailed hawk in the pine out front.  This is the leading edge of a promised cold front, temps have dropped by 20* in the past hour...thank you, Ma Nature for the break from the 100s you have been sending.

Monday, July 16

flight school Candidates

My little violet-green swallows are just about ready to try their wings. They are actively shoving each other around like kids on a family vacation, each wanting a window seat in the car. It won't be long.

Sunday, July 15

the Bookends

Sunday morning laziness

Saturday, July 14

cool Water

With folks (including us) all over the country seeing hot, dusty and dry days, having your toes in cool, clear water seems like the perfect idea. The plant has the right idea.

Friday, July 13

waiting for the Olympics

Can those springy young gymnastics stars do this??
I admit freely to being an Olympics junkie. Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, doesn't matter which, I will watch nearly anything they want to broadcast. I will stay up late, I will get up early, I will root for the USA, I will root for the underdog, the pride of one small nation, the kid, the "old" guy. Love it all, admire the perseverance, the sacrifice, the indomitable spirit of the human race. Opening ceremony in 2 weeks!

Thursday, July 12

family Portrait

Ma Wood Duck and family just loafing in the morning sun. Pa was behind them on the shore. He was hardly noticeable in the lakeside plants, except for his bright red eyes. Drakes are molting out of breeding plumage and the males in particular are rather drab and tatty looking. Gone for the moment are the brilliant colors, being replaced by feathers that resemble their more conservative ladies. They will be in this eclipse plumage for several weeks and molt again into their characteristic flashy colors again in the fall.

Wednesday, July 11

once upon a Time,

On a July day, when the lilies were blooming and the bees were busy, about 4 in the afternoon, a little girl made her debut on the Planet. She had been known for months as Sarah Surprise, because she was just that, the Surprise of the Century. Today, she turns 20. The years have flown by and she has become a terrific young woman with a mind of her own and her eyes on the future. We are proud of who she is becoming and can't wait to see where she goes from here.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Tuesday, July 10

bottoms Up!

Breakfasting geese

Sunday, July 8

drum roll, Please

Had you told me when I started this blog (upon a challenge from my kids) that post #1000 would ever appear, I would have never believed it. This is post #1000. I am still getting a kick out of doing the photography, trying to find interesting or unusual things to comment on, and particularly reading the efforts of the other bloggers I have "met" out there. Cool people are everywhere and they can and do brighten my day, lift my spirits and make me laugh right out loud  :o)

Thursday, July 5

fast Food

It is high noon in the front yard and time for LUNCH, Mom!

Wednesday, July 4

4th of July

Happy Birthday, America

Monday, July 2

also known As

Ratibida columnifera
Native prairie wildflower aka Mexican hat, long-headed coneflower, or Thimbleflower.
Traditional Sombrero or Mexican hat (from Internet)

Sunday, July 1

making Connections

Coreopsis "Jethro Tull"
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull