Tuesday, July 31

after the Trip

Saxe's Landing     Chazy, New York     July 2012
Unpacking, doing laundry and editing photos from week long trip home to NY and Lake Champlain.
Lots of family visits, introducing our grandkids to their great-grandparents and enjoying the Lake of all my childhood summers.

The rocky point is the remains of a wharf built in the early 19th century by my ancestor to bring goods in to his store and for various other businesses. It was the northernmost dock on the lake before crossing the border into British territory in Quebec, about 10 miles north. The original store building was burned by the British during the War of 1812, and rebuilt in 1822 to continue commerce.


Red said...

Beautiful area and interesting history.

Caroline said...

Red, yes it is, and it is supposed to hit 100 again today in SD, and there is no lake out front!