Wednesday, August 1

very important Things

There are some very important things that have to happen when you are on vacation to make it a real vacation. Black raspberry ice cream is my absolute favorite, from earliest days of childhood. One very severe problem living in the Black Hills is they have never heard of Black Raspberry! Multiple dishes of the creamy, cold stuff are consumed by me, who kindly shares the stash with others.

I have been known to drip black raspberry on a postcard and send it to my similarly addicted brother-in-law who lives in Wyoming. I was nice this year, I restrained myself from evil doings. Of course, the fact that said beloved b-i-l is traveling home to visit in a couple of weeks and can indulge himself kind of takes all the fun out of harassment of the ice cream kind.


Red said...

And I love ice cream! Prefer more good choclate and fudge.

suep said...

Stewart's ice cream rocks ! I have one within walking distance... favorite flavor name is "Crumbs Along the Mohawk" -!