Wednesday, August 15

grandpa Ott

Love the heirloom variety of morning glory called "Grandpa Ott's". Seedsaver's Exchange description says it reseeds freely, that would be one of the all time true gardening understatements! I have only ever actually planted them once.
 These glories are greeting the morning sun from the cucumber pot on the deck where they chose to put down roots. I didn't plant them, Ma Nature did, but they are welcome. They bloom early, sometimes starting low down on the plant, they climb strongly toward the sun and give pops of color in some unexpected places.


Red said...

You had me guessing. I expected a post on some nice old grandpa guy. Not nearly enough Morning glories are grown.

Aunty Belle said...

well, Kudzu has nearly frightened me outa doin' such, but I'se been known to throw Mornin' Glory seeds out the window as I drive--hopin' to spread the GLory!! I love "Heavenly Blue" 'cause mah own GrandMere grew it.