Wednesday, April 24

the violet-green swallows would be in a state of Shock

If they were to return and see their home at the moment! Yet another spring storm bringing "April Showers". Yet another foot of snow. Yet another snow day from school in April. Record snowfall for any month 43.5" at Rapid City Regional Airport. It is supposed to be 74 on Saturday.

One of my kids at school told me today that Mother Nature seems to be bi-polar and should be on medication!

Monday, April 22

April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day, fellow Terrans!

Sunday, April 21

a feathery Teacher

Little Red Riding Hoot

If you are lucky enough to survive a collision with something manmade, sometimes you have a new life experience, if you are a bird. This little screech owl is the newest member of  the Black Hills Raptor Center's ( education team. She has detached retinas in both eyes, so she can not be released back in to the wild. The Earth Day celebration was her first real experience with lots of human admirers. This is her daytime "camouflage pose", feathers pulled in and sitting very upright to blend in to her environment. What a gorgeous little creature.

Friday, April 19

as busy As...

a BEAVER     

One down, one in the works and foiled on the third. I have to put fencing around trees, shrubs and everything vaguely appealing to deer. I do not have the problem that our local city parks crew is dealing with lately at Canyon Lake Park.

Thursday, April 18

Wednesday, April 17

cotton Candy

My bro-in-law told me it looked like cotton candy...this is probably the first time that 
cotton candy closed school for the day!

a horse of a different Color

April 17, 2011

April 17, 2013

Memo to Ma Nature:
April showers are supposed to be in the LIQUID form of water! You've given us 3 snow days in the past 6 school days...stop already!

Sunday, April 14

it's an Echidna

Who knew they lived in the Black Hills?!!

only a cheap Imitation
"Season of the Eagle"  painting by Bev Doolittle

The reflection of the snow in the creek made me think of  the gorgeous paintings that Bev Doolittle creates. 

Saturday, April 13

despite the White

3X lifesize
April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, except when the showers blanket the ground with white stuff. Relief is at hand, my miniature rose is blooming on the kitchen windowsill. Thank you, Ma Nature for remembering that spring is supposed to be here!

Thursday, April 11

deer's Nest

In the backyard this morning, she excavated a nest and was quietly chewing her breakfast. Lots of digging (see snow plastered up tree trunk behind her). She settled in while WatchSchnauzer was on his chain taking care of morning duties. She cared not.

Wednesday, April 10

knee Deep

Trip to the birdfeeder, I am 5'6", snow was above my knees all the way across!

snowy Owl!

Well, the real ones would feel right at home here today! 21F, still snowing, officially at Regional Airport (which is closed) measure of 25" of snow. Moisture most welcome, cancelled flights, and blocked roads not so much.

Tuesday, April 9

Monday, April 8

yesterday it was April Showers

Today, Winter Storm Walda (Who comes up with these names? Do you know anyone named Walda?) has blasted in on us! School is already called off for tomorrow ... Snow Day Umbrella will be replaced by shovel or snow blower by morning!

Sunday, April 7

another shade of Blue

Superb sky blue Siberian squill, before the April snowstorm arrives on Monday!

Saturday, April 6

new neighbors, Maybe?

Mountain bluebird female

Mountain bluebird male
Prospective tenants, hope they like the rental units available and decide to settle here this spring.

Friday, April 5

a bird's eye view of Me

from the bird's eye, that is! 

The return of the turkey vultures  signals that March is over and April has arrived. I am always fascinated watching them just ride the air currents for hours on outstretched wings.

Wednesday, April 3

i don't Care...

4/3/13 First of the Year!
this is one of my favorite early spring flowers!

Tuesday, April 2

Monday, April 1

no Foolin'

We passed these folks heading East when we were heading back West from Minnesota today!