Sunday, April 21

a feathery Teacher

Little Red Riding Hoot

If you are lucky enough to survive a collision with something manmade, sometimes you have a new life experience, if you are a bird. This little screech owl is the newest member of  the Black Hills Raptor Center's ( education team. She has detached retinas in both eyes, so she can not be released back in to the wild. The Earth Day celebration was her first real experience with lots of human admirers. This is her daytime "camouflage pose", feathers pulled in and sitting very upright to blend in to her environment. What a gorgeous little creature.


Red said...

Sad that the injuries make it so that they cannot be released. Otis is an owl at the Medicine River Wildlife Center and he is used for public education. Same think with him ...detached retinas.

edifice rex said...

Wow! A stunning creature!