Thursday, April 11

deer's Nest

In the backyard this morning, she excavated a nest and was quietly chewing her breakfast. Lots of digging (see snow plastered up tree trunk behind her). She settled in while WatchSchnauzer was on his chain taking care of morning duties. She cared not.


Red said...

I've never seen them make a scrape for a nest to lie in. Pretty neat shot.

Florida Beach Basics said...

I hope you took her out some breakfast. marge

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Nice the way she was looking right at you. It seems like she would be cold sitting in that snow but I guess by now she's used to it.

Carol said...

How lucky you are to have a shot like this.
I used to race harness horses in VT,NH & MA. I remember the good ole days in the snow...mud....slush..and freezing rain...miss the horses but not the snow.
Does this doe hang around your place alot? I tried enticing deer into my yard but no luck.

Caroline said...

Carol, there is no need to entice the deer in to the yard, they are here all the time. I have had them come right up on the front porch and eat my daughter's jack-o-lanterns at Halloween! They drink out of the birdbaths and lick sunflower seeds out of the feeders. I would be GLAD to send some of them your way :o)
Grew up in Northern NY, yup, remember mud season myself!