Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

"From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!"
Scottish prayer

Friday, October 30

beachy things are sometimes Orange

A collage of gifts from Ma Nature's hand, carried home in my hands from the beach at my family's camp on Lake Champlain, NY and the beach on Sanibel Island, FL, treasured places to visit.

Wednesday, October 28

even 9th graders .....

like to carve jack-o-lanterns!

flaming sunset Orange

a lucky shot of the pampas grass in my daughter's front yard, the sun set moments later and the effect Photoshop involved here.

Monday, October 26

fragrant Orange

a much more refined orange than yesterday, this wonderfully fragrant orange rose from my friend's garden. 

Sunday, October 25

full orange moon of October

this gent appeared on our neighbors' front lawn this morning, our neighbors have a very wacky sense of humor!

Saturday, October 24

this week is brought to you by the color Orange

The "Queen of Halloween" revels in the celebrations of the last week of October...this week is for you, Becka! 

Friday, October 23

it's not the same, but it will Do

Fall colors in the Champlain Valley of New York mean the gorgeous queens of the forest, the sugar maples, and their attendant bridesmaids, the oaks and birches. Nostalgia for that scenery of childhood is strong, we don't see that in the Black Hills, but my cotoneaster hedge does try to imitate the regal ladies of the eastern woodlands for me.

Thursday, October 22


........the fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching you....

word origin, The Far Side, Gary Larson

Wednesday, October 21

all grown Up

The little goslings from my first blog post ever, have grown up and have turned from balls of fuzz to powerful flyers. Branta Canadensis, in large numbers, spend the winter on Canyon Lake in the company of assorted ducks and wintering Bald Eagles.

Tuesday, October 20

just who has been walking Here?

with apologies to Dr. Suess, it was not the North Going Zax and the South Going Zax, but a North Going turkey and our South Going Cat!  

Monday, October 19

sugared Fruit

Craft stores sell those fancy "sugared" looking fruits like pears and apples for Christmas decorations.
Ma Nature, as always, thought of it first. Freezing rain and sleet will crystalize on a frozen pumpkin and create the same object d'art. Alas, it  lasted only a day, all three pumpkins are now helping to fuel a yearling white-tail buck.  He had the cheek to step up on the front porch and help himself to a hearty and sweet meal.

Sunday, October 18

this must be the universal Sign...

for "cows in the road" or "open range", because there isn't a Guernsey cow within  miles of here. The young'un below is pure Angus, never been in a barn or a milking parlor. You notice these oddities when you marry into a family who raised registered Holsteins!

Saturday, October 17

thank you for the Invitation

we watch, we listened, we learned, we were honored to be there...

Friday, October 16

friend of the Drum

his voice was unheard over the deep "heartbeat" of the drum.

Thursday, October 15

Wednesday, October 14

jingle dress Dancing

a young lady, on the floor of the arena, music follows her dress as she dances.

Tuesday, October 13

in Anticipation

Men's fancy dancers' bustles, waiting for their owners return.

Monday, October 12

He Sapa Wacipi

Sunday, daughter Rachel and I spent a snowy afternoon at He Sapa Wacipi, the Black Hills Pow Wow, an annual 3 day celebration of our Native American culture in South Dakota. It is truly an amazing experience, the color, pagentry, drumming and singing is both riveting and uplifting, the fine arts exhibit is beautiful. I wish I had had the big camera with the long lens, there are so many details to take in the little digital just can't reach. The dancers' regalia are works of art, the dignity of the elders and the exuberance of the littlest dancers captivate the imagination. Share the experience over the next few days, from a few snapshots of what we saw in the arena. This is the arena floor with the movement of the first Intertribal dance.

Sunday, October 11

prescription for cold Relief ...

Record low temperatures in October 10 and 11, (11F and 16F)  Just 5 months ago it was a lovely rainy (not snowy) day in May and the bleeding heart was in full bloom. Only 7 months to wait.

the Culprits Deer Tracks

Saturday, October 10

vandalism by Hoodlums...

Any guesses as to who has been vandalizing Snoopy's pumpkins overnight?

Friday, October 9

Thursday, October 8

the old Adage...

about "the frost being on the pumpkin"...not today! Here be snow, not frost, on Snoopy.

October 8, 2009  7am in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Wednesday, October 7

the MightyMite

The "MightyMite" smallest of the Giant Pumpkin Lifters, minions of the Empress of the Giant Pumpkin Growers.

Tuesday, October 6

our personal favorite was the Winner!

One of the kids' favorite teachers is:  
Empress of the Giant Pumpkin Growers
Go Ms Evans!

it takes a Forklift...

to move these babies around! They sat on pallets and were moved to the scale with heavy machinery.

Monday, October 5

can you guess how Big?

The winner, prior to weigh in on an early morning that literally had "frost on the pumpkin", 7:30 am  32F.

Saturday, October 3

1st Annual Pumpkin Festival Rapid City, SD

Saturday, October 3....wait till you see the winner!

Friday, October 2

Space Days 2009

Yesterday our entire school got to attend a NASA day long celebration of space and space exploration. Hands-on activities and displays were scattered all over the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for kids to experience. Our favorites were probably the portable planetarium, photos from the Hubble Space telescope, the paper airplane contest and the simulation of the Mars Rover vehicles. Did you know there is a "Golden Arches" on the surface of Mars???
Thanks to the sponsorship of NASA, the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium, the Journey Museum and the School of Mines, our kids explored a universe they didn't know much about. Love the logo from the back of Tyler's t-shirt (we all got one)...our South Dakota coyote singing to the stars.

Thursday, October 1

to the tower of Rapunzel

 The woodbine climbs the chimney all the way to the roof, passing by Rachel's window on the way. In the middle of summer it shades the window and lends green, underwatery sort of light to her room all day. By October, the morning has a rosy glow, sadly, not appreciated by our NiteOwl.