Saturday, March 31

new computer, new Images

a bird planted gift of cherry blossoms

New computer now up and running, blog back to work.

Sunday, March 25

pansy Faces

fresh pot of pansies from Jolly Lane
pansies from Disney's Alice in Wonderland
They do have friendly looking faces!

Saturday, March 24

the Bather

4 Bathers were scrapping over the freshly filled bath, apparently only one blue jay at a time can bathe or drink, personal space is an issue.

Wednesday, March 21

small boys + Chalk

At a ChalkWalk event this afternoon, two small boys had a PLAN and they were carrying out the PLAN to create their masterpiece. 
See for the Solutions program who sponsored the afternoon's artwork.

equinoctial Sunset

The first colorful sunset of the new season.

Tuesday, March 20

spring Green

Vernal Equinox
 March 20, 2012

From the Old English springan "to leap, burst forth, fly up"

Sunday, March 18

yesterday, then Today

March 17,  late afternoon
March 18,  early morning

Daffodils awake!

Saturday, March 17

a Shamrock?

No, a St. Patrick's Day snowdrop!

Shamrocks are lovely for the day, but this little flower is a favorite of mine from childhood.
I wish I had a woodland full of them!

Thursday, March 15

talking to the Neighbors

When a March day hits a sunny 70, Metro and the Song and Dance Man went outside for the first time since last fall. They soaked in the sun, and then discovered the neighbors. Chickadees, goldfinches and juncos were on the feeders and they started up a lively conversation. The parakeet people were so wound up that they nearly exhausted themselves, promptly put their heads under their wings and took a snooze when I brought them back inside. Spring fever hits us all.

Wednesday, March 14

just for ABR

Happy 3.14159 Day!

Tuesday, March 13

the Atmosphere

Planet Earth, March 13, 2012
44N 103.3W
4:37 pm MDT

Monday, March 12

sez Daffy...

Happy Birthday, DS!

Sunday, March 11

they've Arrived

Daylight Savings Time comes right along with the Mountain bluebirds' arrival. He's way up in the wild blue yonder in a cottonwood, but he's there.

Did you Spring Ahead this morning??

Saturday, March 10

Thursday, March 8

old, old, Old

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Giants in the world
them's TEETH!
150 boxes of fossil pig from Badlands NP waiting for prep work
Jack in the Paleo lab
work in progress
My science teacher colleague and I got to take  9 of our students for a Women in Science conference on Tuesday on the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology campus, awesome experience! Over 400 middle and high school girls getting to explore the fields of science, technology, engineering and math for future careers.

The girls loved the Paleo lab, we could probably have stayed for hours. Not just the Museum, but the behind the scenes tour of how the fossils are prepared, studied and preserved, talking to working paleontologists about their jobs and handling fossils millions of years old. Kids loved it!

Wednesday, March 7

it's Cosmic

Fiber Optic Fireworks

Monday, March 5

the real Deal

Bubo virginianus


Sunday, March 4

an ancient Being

This neon sign on Main Street, Rapid City, SD is iconic. Who's Hobby House, a local craft and art supply store has been in business more than 60 years. This sign was hung to advertise the business in 1961, and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Signs. I knew there was some story behind the sign, so I went looking and discovered discovered the registry

 I didn't know such a thing existed,  it is under the auspices of the National Park Service, in conjunction with the National Register of Historic Places. Maybe your town has something listed there, original old neon signs are of particular interest.

Saturday, March 3

greenhouse #7

the full Spectrum

Friday, March 2

greenhouse #6

These babies don't bite but they are vicious all the same.

Thursday, March 1