Thursday, August 29

heat Wave

It is our first week of school, temperatures have been between 90 and 100 all week.  Many of the school buildings in our district are not air conditioned. As a result, we have had early dismissal every day since Tuesday, due to heat emergency. Of course, we had snow days in late April this year too! South Dakota is the land of infinite variety, sometimes all in one day!
This lady had the right idea this afternoon, head for the water! She is the lucky one, the city pools closed 2 weeks ago, so our kiddos aren't so lucky!

Sunday, August 25

more life at the Fair

Central States Fair and Rodeo
August 17-25
Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

Saturday, August 24

seen at the Fair #1

Despite 90F temperatures, the lady blacksmith was totally focused on the project she was creating. It was fascinating to watch her work the iron over the forge and anvil, especially creating the smooth curves. Blacksmithing isn't just about creating shoes for horses.

Friday, August 16

what do the fashion police say about This?

My ranch kid friend says Hawaiian shirt and Spurs is not in the cowboy handbook!  The horse must be embarrassed!

why are barns Red?

Meade County, South Dakota

Red barns?
 Red paint was the cheapest you could buy, there is an awful lot of square footage of barn siding to cover! It became fashionable in the late 1800s because it contrasted so nicely with your beautiful white painted farmhouse. It showcased your prosperity.

Wednesday, August 14

the sunflower field Series

Ziebach County, South Dakota
August 13, 2013
44.98 N   101.66W

Sunday, August 11

two moms see eye to Eye

This lady is the mother of the twins, 3 years in a row. I, on the other hand, have 3 daughters, but not 3 years in a row. They are wonderful women, but I don't think I would have wanted any 2 of them to have been twins!

Friday, August 9

worn Out

The twins finally wore themselves out running and chasing and settled down for a snooze.

Thursday, August 8

wheatfield Still LIfe

8/8/13    44N  103.03W

Tuesday, August 6

scary or not Scary?

If  you were a pigeon, would this keep you from putting your little pink pigeon feet down on the roof of the hotel? Just asking.

Monday, August 5

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2013

Folks come from all over the Planet.
Bonus question... where are these people from?

Friday, August 2

organic and Inorganic

For your artistic enjoyment...Still life with geode and T Rex.