Saturday, August 11

what do you think, Henry?

Henry's Model T Ford
We have spent the better part of 2 days car shopping, test driving, researching and mulling things over. Henry would be astounded in the technology that exists now. I am astounded by the things that auto manufacturers seem to think I need to be able to have a safe, reliable, gas efficient RED car. We haven't shopped for a brand new vehicle in 11 years.

I don't need a car to autosync to my cell phone, be my eyes with a remote camera when I back up, call the police or warn me of an alien invasion, and I don't want white, silver or beige, I want RED!

After looking at American made, Japanese made, Korean made, hybrids, SUVs, sedans, and driving half a dozen, climbing in and out of backseats, checking cargo space and looking under the hoods for ease of servicing, we settled on a new Suburu Outback. It is Suburu's version of RED, something called Venetian Red Pearl. It is at least a real color.

We will say farewell to our trusty Highlander on Monday and hope for similar good service and safe driving for the next 10 years in the Outback.

2012 Subaru Outback Red


Red said...

I know this feeling well. we are car shopping and the last time we did that was in 1992!!!
Great that you got a red one!

Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

Good luck with your hunting as well :o)

Anonymous said...

Jen's Subaru is still going strong 11 years later, so hopefully your's will serve you as well.
Judy S