Friday, July 13

waiting for the Olympics

Can those springy young gymnastics stars do this??
I admit freely to being an Olympics junkie. Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, doesn't matter which, I will watch nearly anything they want to broadcast. I will stay up late, I will get up early, I will root for the USA, I will root for the underdog, the pride of one small nation, the kid, the "old" guy. Love it all, admire the perseverance, the sacrifice, the indomitable spirit of the human race. Opening ceremony in 2 weeks!


Red said...

I guess I'm missing a lot. I don't watch sports at all.
Anyway the agility of squirrels is amazing. However I did post a story on one of my blogs who was trying to jump from tree to tree and missed.

Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

Red, I had one leap for a frozen birdbath (he didn't know that) and go skidding off the other side. He found himself on the ground on his fanny, and was there "swearing".
I don't normally pay attention to sports either, but the Olympics are something else. I grew up less than an hour from Lake Placid, NY, that may explain it.

Anonymous said...

Pole dancing - some of the ladies I have seen could probably do that.