Tuesday, July 3

crummy photo, play with Photoshop


Aunty Belle said...

heh...now iffin' I could jes' learn to photoshop--since most of mah photos is crummy!

That second pic looks like a jumble of loopy thangs I had as a chile--ya know, to make potholders?

I doan know Ian Anderson ( A post or two back) so I recjon I'll go listen to him..

Hope yore summer ain't nuthin' but a heat wave, that thar's some days that be jes' right fer lyin' in yore hammock.

Red said...

Pretty psychedelic!

Caroline said...

Aunty and Red,
Deer netting to keep the deer from turning my delphiniums into deer lunch or deer dinner turns pretty weird when you play with the filters setting. Usually I stumble on to things :o) I remember those potholders, guaranteed to burn your fingers with those.