Monday, January 30

cyclamen Pink

Cyclamen pink cyclamen
Cyclamen pink Rose-breasted Cockatoo

Just who is mimicking who?


Dina J said...

Very creative thinking! Love the shot of the cockatoo. You don't see those very often.

Caroline said...

Dina, Local bird club show at my favorite greenhouse, nothing this exotic in the Black Hills of SD normally.

Aunty Belle said...

Granny used to have a cockatoo, Flannigan. Would ya' believe she had that bird trained to sit on the back of her Irish Wolfhound, Fagan?

I love how ya really LOOK at what is around you--have you ever read Annie Dillard's PILGRIM AT TINKER CREEK?

It is a great meditation on actually looking at what we "see."

Caroline said...

That must have been quite a pair, the cockatoo and the Wolfhound! Love the names.

Haven't read Annie Dillard, have meant to, library tomorrow :o)