Friday, August 12

soon, soon, Soon...

It is Back to School time
If you need a bathing suit for your offspring or new lawn chairs, good luck. But, these are the days of the nickel folder and dime pencil and penny ruler sales for all of us buyers of school supplies.
My college kid has purchased her books, and college kid list of things, but teachers collect bags full of all the usual schoolstuff, too. Our school kiddos are sometimes in need of the basics that first day, especially when new shoes and jeans are on family shopping lists in rough economic times.
You might be surprised how much your child's teacher spends out of pocket to make sure the kids have what they need . (No surprise here, of course to my blogfriends in Education.)
One of the neatest 1st day of school moments I have ever seen was when my friend, the kindergarten teacher in a very low income school, gave each of the kids a new box of crayons. These little kids were thrilled, it was "my first box of pointy crayons in my whole life!"

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