Saturday, September 10

it sounded like elephants Breathing...

but it was a herd of hot air balloons approaching from the west!

over the deck
coming in for a landing
putting things away for next time

What a gorgeous sight on a September Saturday morning! These folks landed in a field about 1000 yards from our house. 
A bunch of us neighbors headed out in clothes quickly thrown on, barefooted and hair uncombed to watch them land. I grabbed a camera but not my glasses, I wasn't even sure what my pictures looked like till I got home.

Thank you, Balloonists for a perfect start to the day!

ps. Beth and Becka, that is the corner of Moon Meadows and Sheridan Lake Rd.


threecollie said...

Wow, that is really neat! And amazing...and my priorities are the same as before glasses. lol

Anonymous said...

Ha. Good thing there are autofocus lenses now, huh.

Caroline said...

Absolutely, Yipee for autofocus lenses!