Sunday, November 20

morning sun #1

Ficus elastica ginormous
The Rubber Plant that Ate Cincinnati, is slowly taking over the living room, currently headed for the fireplace mantel. This is one of those hand-me-downs that come from your kids when they leave home/college for the real world. The RPTAC started out as a  college Botany class project in air layering by Daughter #2. I inherited it when she moved to an apartment, now it has grown so big that no vehicle we own can haul it to Minnesota. It isn't massive as far as square footage, it has no branches. It started its life as a branch and so it has remained. However, it is now 12 feet long and has new leaves burgeoning! It loves the morning sun from the south window.


Robert Sobczak said...

Those things can turn into monsters, especially down here in south Florida. Also a common hedge plant.

Anonymous said...

Hey..I'd take it back but it's going to have to get big enough to grow wings.....and for the record I never thought it'd still be taking over the living room 13 years later :)