Sunday, December 4

the journey of Odysseus

Do you remember any cats in the Odyssey?

9th grade English curriculum requires reading and analysis of Homer's The Odyssey, which we have been doing these past two weeks. The students were asked to write about their thinking as they read the story of Odysseus. Here are some of the lessons learned along the way which Odysseus's men should have learned.
I love they way the kids think.

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Aunty Belle said...

Since mah mind wanders --strike that--flits from point, this reminds me of how sad I was recently to realize that I ain't read Livy! Vergil, yes, Homer, mostly, Cicero, some of him. An' Dante, of course--but I'se mixin' time frames too much--anyhoo, now the panic: Ain't gonna live long enough to
read all that I wanna read!!

Them students is a hoot!