Sunday, May 12

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Nuttall's violet
"Thomas Nuttall, born January 5th 1786 in Yorkshire England, was a pioneer in the field of botany and is noted by fellow botanist Charles Sprague Sargent as "one of the most indefatigable and judicious of the botanists who have studied the North American flora. Among his numerous publications are some of the most valuable contributions in the field of North American botany

In 1808, Nuttall emigrated to the United States to study its natural history and explore uncharted lands in search of new and exciting botanical discoveries, including species that had been unknown and unnamed as of that time period . He arrived in Philadelphia and through instruction in natural science from mentors like, plant collector William Bartram and Professor Benjamin Smith Barton, he was able to go on collecting trips sponsored by Barton. Soon afterwards, Nuttall became Barton's assistant and was asked to travel to the great plains of the west to collect for two years."
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Red said...

Kind of interesting that Nuttal has many species named after him. Cool guy!