Monday, October 7

meet the ThunderBlizzard

drift out back door, shoulder high on left side

Friday front yard


Monday morning

our pines, neighbors' fence underneath, squashed

glacial blue

Power back after 56 hours, some folks still out. Trees down, no school, roads blocked, plows out, sun is shining. Thanks to our electric co-op folks who worked through the storm and are still working to get heat and light back to everybody. It has been quite a weekend for the beginning of October! See www. for lots of pictures.


The Dancing Donkey said...

I've just been reading about all of the lost livestock in this terrible storm. I am glad you are safe.

Pablo said...

A friend of mine took her whole family up there this past weekend to do the Run Crazy Horse marathon (which was cancelled). She said even finding a hot meal for her girls was difficult.

Red said...

I hadn't heard about this spectacular storm. It's not surprising to get a big spring storm. we get them every year or two and it's not too late to get a biggie.

Anonymous said...

Yer banner photo looks a little out of place with these...