Sunday, December 15

bird Count

6:45 AM start

Early morning Canadas

Ma Nature's embroidery

Mallard and Bufflehead buddies

Belted kingfisher gentleman

One of these things is not like the others!

It is a Christmas bird count, after all

A solitary Solitaire

A Lady and her escort squadron

My grandfather's field guide, always carried for good luck.
Audubon Christmas Bird Count
 December 15, 2013
Rapid City, South Dakota


Red said...

Interesting report. Our bird count goes Sunday. I think some of the places I go will have to be omitted as the snow is too deep. Altogether we will bet about 60 species.

Caroline said...

Red, we had 60+ at last count. It was 51F about 2pm, sweatshirt weather, gorgeous day. My area along the creek through town was severely impacted by our October blizzard, it is like a whole new habitat. Many, many trees and limbs down, the clean up really opened up some areas!