Friday, June 14

a silvery Bee

In celebration of the beginning of Year #5 of this blog, I gifted myself with a silvery Bee. was a challenge, cast by my tech saavy children, sure that the technology would baffle dear OLD mom. It was so they could critique and help me improve my photography skills. It has turned out to be all that and much more!
I have indeed improved my photography skills. I am never without my Sony Cybershot (although sometimes I am without a card in the camera-grrrr), I often have the Pentax. I take pictures every single day of something. Sometimes mundane, sometimes silly, sometimes profound, sometimes just something that caught my eye. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, and my portaits are stick figures, but with the camera, I have found an art form to practice.
I write better, edit myself better, and best of all, I have made the acquaintance of blogfriends all over the country. Awesome, clever, caring, talented people I would never have gotten to know otherwise.


Red said...

Keep up the good work. I enjoy every post you do. I also find blogging to be very satisfying.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Happy Anniversary! You've got such an eye for photography and a sense of humor for connecting it with something - can't imagine your children EVER had the nerve to challenge you!

ScienceFare said...

You are an inspiration, MIL!