Friday, June 7

prickly yellow Roses

Always faithful to Ma Nature's schedule, the "picky yellow roses" open the first week of June. They are blossoming here, if I call the folks at home in northern NY, I know the ones there are open too. In a couple of days the bush will literally be humming with bees and perfuming the entire yard.
This particular bush was a present from a friend, came to SD from Chadron, NE, as just a little stick. It is the offspring of an old rosebush that may be nearly 100 years old. Best feature...the deer leave it alone! Favorite feature, my 89 year old father, who is an afficianado of wearing "buttonhole flowers" on his suitcoats, sports them in June and has for as long as I can remember (which is a long time). :o)
Known as Harison's yellow, the cultivar has been sold since the early 1830s, having originated as a chance hybrid in the New York City rose garden of George F. Harison . I don't know anyone who has actually bought one, they are always hand-me-overs from friends and relatives.

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Becka said...

Our picky yellow rose isn't blooming yet, but is loaded with buds. Ours started as a tiny 10 inch tall stick in a pot that sat in the back seat of our car. It is now 8 ft tall and threatening to take over the neighborhood.