Sunday, July 14

in the Park

It was Pronghorn Day in Custer State Park 7/13/13! Big ones, little ones, curious ones, hungry ones and disdainful ones! The buck just stood like a statue for several moments, like we were supposed to pay homage and admire his elegance.
While I was taking pictures of the doe and the fawns, I was using a road sign as a kind of monopod for the camera with the telephoto.  Apparently, this youthful mountain bluebird thought I was part of the sign. He landed, chirruped for a few minutes, looked down, realized I was not road sign, screeched in alarm and fled. I got just one shot of him just as he discovered I was there.

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Anonymous said...

Love these! I only got to see one pronghorn from very far away when I was in Custer State Park two years ago.