Tuesday, July 2

popeye the sailor man must be in Shock

Ok, they nailed quesadilla and artichoke, iffy on the chix, but epic fail on the spinnch! I drove around the block to see if I saw what I thought I did. I saw it.  Even better, the McD's up the street has a blueberry-pomegrante smoothie to drink with your spinnch quesadilla! Score 2.


Red said...

Some people have a good eye for catching mistakes. I would just put the letter in or take it out and read the word the same as ever. Anyway good catches. I better check my omissions after this.

Murr Brewster said...

I'm with Red! I can catch anyone else's mistakes. It's a curse. I'll be reading a perfectly good book that has been professionally edited and traditionally published and still catch a spelling error, and it stains the rest of the book for me. But for my own blog, I skate right over the blemishes and have to wait for my friend Mary Ann to email me that I goofed up.

Caroline said...

Things weasel in on you that way, don't they?