Sunday, May 6

an admiral in King Arthur's Court

A medieval jousting tournament is taking place in the backyard this afternoon. With the sun full on rocks, trees and Adirondack chairs, the Red Admiral butterflies are going at full tilt. There are at least 4 who are claiming territory, or trying to, in about a 100 foot strip between the house and the pine trees. They sit in various sunny places and spread their wings flat out, in what I assume is an intimidation posture. Suddenly, they all leap into flight, mill around each other, dart back and forth and then go back to where they each started and pose again. They did not appreciate my being in their way when I was filling birdbaths. It is quite windy, so their choreography is a little tipsy.


Red said...

quite the dance they do!

Caroline said...

I felt like I was the Maypole!

Daniel LaFrance said...

I guess their dance has a lot to do with not being caught and eaten by a bird.

Beautiful pic, too!