Thursday, May 31

awwww, Mom!

For anyone who has small children...when they are whiny or demanding or just into mischief. Finding a spot to just sit and catch your breath for a minute is heaven. Been there, done that.

 Ma and Pa Robin have fledged out 4 spot-breasted, very demanding kids in the past few days. Both parents are meeting the constant food demands at an amazing pace. She landed right above me when I was out filling birdbath, fluffed out her feathers and I swear I heard her heave a sigh and just sit for a minute and catch her breath before the Beaked Beggars discovered her whereabouts.


threecollie said...

It never fails to amaze me how bratty baby birds are. I find it hilarious to watch parent purple finches and such try to abandon them at the bird feeder.

Red said...

Young birds have a tremendous appetite. when there's four of them that takes a lot of food.