Thursday, May 10

mary todd Lincoln

This is the second year that this robin has built her nest right outside the window of our office at school.
We are Lincoln Academy, so it was only fitting that she be dubbed Mary Todd, and he, Mr. Lincoln. She chose the tangle of wires and conduits that bring communications into the office, her previous choice is about 5 feet to her left, on the downspout. She is against a solid brick wall, under a 2 foot overhang and behind an 8' chainlink fence that protects gas meter, etc. The fiber optic guys worked around her last week and she stayed busy building. I am guessing we will have baby robins about May 15 or 16, just in time to distract 9th graders taking finals!
 From the underside you can see how much vegetation and other bits she hauled in to create a foundation to build the nest proper. At least with a roof over her head and a solid south wall she won't get washed out.


Red said...

It's always amazing how much garbage they use for a nest...bits of plastic. You never know where you'll find a robin's nest.
Now does it take a robin's nest to drive gr nines bananas?

Kelly said...

Ahhhh....Mary Todd Lincoln is so sweet!