Friday, June 29

forest fire Sunset

What the Pentax saw        
We are fortunate that the forest fire about 10 miles from us now has a containment line around it. Thank you, to our local Firefighters, for your tireless efforts, and to those battling the Colorado wildfires south of us. The one silver lining, if there is one, is the sky as the sun sets on another day.
6/28/12   44N 103W


threecollie said...

Praying for all you folks out near the fires. What a nightmare!

Caroline said...

3C-we aren't in any danger except for thick smoke, but those folks in Colorado really do have a nightmare going on.

Red said...

I really like your new header!
Good that the fire danger in your area has been controlled.

Caroline said...

Red-thanks, the 2 subjects were very tasty! :o)