Wednesday, June 6

moonrise, Sunset

Cottonwood County, MN 
 It seems like the Sun has a string attached to the Moon on full moon nights. As the Sun puts itself to bed, it pulls the Moon up into the evening sky. At the direction of Apollo and Artemis,  we mortals always have a bright orb in the heavens to keep us company.


Red said...

Awesome sights but sad that we mortals have polluted our atmospheryseketse so that the sight isn't all that clear. In Alberta this spring it's always been hazy.

Unknown said...

That's a good way of looking at it. It's always a peaceful time watching the full moon rise.

Robert Sobczak said...

If I'm really out of sorts there's nothing like staring passively at a rising full moon that brings me back into one piece. For the record, it was cloudy all day during the Venus across the Sun event. (Not that I would have dared look anyhow).