Monday, June 11

on with the Show

Today marks the beginning of year #3 of my adventures as a blogger. It began with a photo of Canada goose goslings, on a challenge from my very tech savvy children who wanted to "help" improve my photography skills. It has turned out to be way more than I expected! My photography is better and I hope more interesting, my writing skills are more to my satisfaction, and I have met some of the coolest, most creative and interesting friends out in the blogosphere. Thanks, Becka, Andy, Beth and Rachel for the "inspiration", and Nate, Erik and Mia for adding to my photo opps, too.


Red said...

And blogging is a lot of fun. I enjoy your posts. Most people have gone to word free verification lately. makes it easier to comment.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary, and please keep doing it! marge